All About Acupressure Therapy You Should Know


The acupressure is traditionally practised in China basically for physical relaxation and overall promotion of health. Over the period, acupressure therapy has gained enormous popularity across the world especially because of its latest scientific approaches like the use of electromagnetic forces and other principles of acupressure. As per acupressure, electromagnetic forces exist and travel all through our body and if appropriately pressured or pricked by needles through a scientific process at specific acupressure points it gives amazing results. The electromagnetic energy which flows in the environment also exists and flows in the acupressure points our body and the acupressure therapy make use of these points. Get in touch with Ecole Setsuko if you are seeking massage therapy or acupressure therapy or naturopathy services as well as education.

The acupressure point along which normally holds the electromagnetic energy lies along the meridians of our body. As per acupressure therapy, there are 12 major meridians exist in our body. As one or some of these meridians get imbalanced or get obstructed by some factors, the body gets ailment which is again restored through rebalancing the meridians. Many people often have a misconception about acupressure that it fundamentally deals with pains and relaxation. But the acupressure therapists claim that acupressure has miraculous abilities to deal with different diseases both in treatment as well as prevention.

There are numerous methodologies and techniques used in acupressure namely application of pressure, stretching and rubbing, kneading and rolling, grasping and wiping, and various types of exercises. Initially, the pressure and other methods start with mile application and in the process gradually they increase the intensity. 

The intensity of pressure as well as other methods of treatment depends on the condition of the patient which may vary as per the meridian points. Usually, the acupressure session starts with the patient or the receiver of the service lying on a massage table while the acupressure therapist applying gentle pressure through the meridian points using fingers, palms, elbows as well as other devices. An acupressure session takes around an hour of application and a patient may need to undergo several sessions to get the best result out of acupressure treatment.

 The acupressure therapists claim that the acupressure helps to maintain the body through managing and balancing the electromagnetic energy channels in the body. There are basically two types energies namely Yen and Yan respectively referring negative and positive energies. By balancing the Yin and Yan, the acupressure not only regulates and balances the physical system of our body but also puts enormous spiritual, psychological or emotional and mental impacts on the receiver of the services.