Apply almond oil properly to hair and stimulates the hair growth


Have you ever having the habit of applying the almond oil to hair? Yes, applying almond oil will renew the hair growth and offers many benefits for hair cuticles. The way of applying almond oil plays a major role in the hair growth, unless it takes a too long time to provide better result. Almond oil contains many healthy ingredients to stimulate hair growth and improves hair strength. Treat the hair properly with almond oil as per the following instruction to obtain the valuable result. 

 Apply the oil on wet hair

The right time to apply the almond oil on hair is when you rinse your hair and comb it. Normally, wet hair will absorb the oil easily. Conditioning the wet hair with the almond oil becomes as a scalp treatment to treat your scalp with the essential hair nutrients. Use warm water to rinse your hair it softens the hair bonds instead of using the hot water it breaks the hair ends. 

Treat your hair cuticles with warm oil

Heat up the certain amount of almond oil but be sure it should be in a warm condition not too hot. Check the warm level of oil and apply directly it to your hair cuticles. Applying the warm oil will moisturize the scalp and penetrates the hair standards. 

Massage the oil to reach the hair ends

Hold some drops of Non-sticky hair oil on palms and gently apply it on to your scalp be sure to apply around the root area. After applying it on the scalp is sure to massage the oil with your fingers from front of your head to the end of the hair cuticles. Be sure to start massage from the front of your head up to reach the back of your head then continue your massaging from the back head towards the front head. While applying this method the oil will stimulate the new hair growth. 

Disperse the oil and cover it

After massaging the hair with almond oil you have to use Wide teeth comb to disperse the applied oil to reach the end of the root hair. Sometimes some hair ends don’t get the required amount of oil massage but it can be equalized when combing the hair. Leave the oil for some time by covering your hair with the best cover so that it will automatically spread over the scalp. Especially if you have dry hair allowing the oil on the scalp overnight is better to get hydrated. 

Wash properly don’t allow oily

Within a few hours from applying then oil, you can wash your hair with your preferred shampoo. Be sure to wash properly and remove the oil from hair. Unless you wash properly hair looks oily and you can’t experience the benefits of Almond oil for hair standards. Dry out the hair until the wetness removes until that doesn’t comb the hair.

Bottom line

Taking this regular oil treatment will strengthen the hair and makes the hair strong and smooth. Follow the aforementioned tips to apply almond oil safely to seal the hair with moisture.