Best ways to treat fungal nail infection


Fungal nail infection can be caused to anyone at some point in their lives. Fungal infection mostly occurs in toenails rather than the fingernails. It causes a lot of pain in the area beneath the nails. It also causes distortion, thickness, and distortion of toenails. The medical term of this infection is onychomycosis. 

Symptoms of fungal nail infection

The symptoms may not appear instantly at first but the infection may spread to the entire foot resulting in pain. The infection may cause:

  •  discolouration of the nail. The nail may turn black, green, yellow or white 
  • Distortion of the nail. The nail may be twisted into unusual shape or texture which sometimes, is difficult to trim
  • Pain in the toenail
  • Brittle nails may weaken the texture due to which they easily break off

Causes of fungal toenail infection

Most fungal toenail infections are caused by fungi. It is infected by the athlete’s foot. The fungus may actually live on your skin but they do not cause any harm unless and until they get multiplied and lead to infections. Warm and moist areas in the feet are the best hosting places for fungi to live. 

Treatments for fungal nail infection

Good foot hygiene must be adopted in the lifestyle to get rid of foot infections like fungal infections. Trim and clean the nails along with the skin underneath them to prevent any fungal infection. If the affected nail appears to be distorted and causes pain then it is highly recommended to consult a doctor regarding it. 

Anti-fungal tablets

The doctor may prescribe anti-fungal tablets taken once or twice a day for several months to help get rid of it. They can be purchased from any mail order pharmacy like 90daymeds at discounted prices. 

Anti-fungal nail paints

 Anti-fungal nail paints can also be applied to the affected nails to treat them. 

Nail softening kits 

A paste is applied to the nails to make them soft. After becoming soft, they can be taken out with the help of a scraping device. In severe cases, fungal nail infection can be treated by completely removing the infected nail through removal surgery. 

Prevention of fungal nail infection

This infection can be prevented by following some simple tips.

  • Keep your nails clean and dry after taking a shower
  • Wear loose socks in winters or AC
  • Apply coconut oil or vaseline on clean feet to retain the moisture beneath the skin of nails