Gynecomastia Surgery And Double Chin Injections Will Give You A New Look And A New Confidence


Excess fat tissue seems to make trouble for many people. While some people have trouble losing weight on obvious body parts, others are dealing with the fat tissue on the places where it was never meant to be. That is the fat tissue beneath the chin and the fat tissue that makes men’s breasts larger.

Gynecomastia procedure

Bigger breasts in man can cause insecurity and low self- confidence. Sometimes the cause of this condition is unknown, but mostly it appears due to hormone change and obesity. Some men can have larger breasts due to genetics and others can have some health problems which will cause this change. If your breasts are larger than they should be, and they are sensitive or you feel pain, you should visit the doctor.

Gynecomastia procedure have great results

In most cases, the estrogen hormone is the cause of breast growth in man. When this hormone gets higher than the others, men tend to get these kinds of changes while women can get some genital and uterus problems. If you wish to reduce your breasts to a previous size, the gynecomastia surgery is for you.

 The technique that is used in this procedure is liposuction and the gynecomastia surgery in Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is the best way to achieve the results you want. There are a few different incisions that will be made depending on the size of the breasts and your goal. These incisions will be small, and after some time they won’t be noticeable.

Double chin injections

Fat under the chin is a common appearance. Obese people usually have this kind of fat, but skinny people can have it also due to genetics. Some people have a very hard time to accept this feature, and they wish to change it. Before injections, double chin was solving by the liposuction, and that technique tends to have some side effects and longer downtime.

Shape your face with double chin injections

Double chin injections are also known as Kybella injections and they are the great discovery for this situation. These injections contain specific acid which will dissolve the fat tissue. It is unpleasant treatment and the local anesthetics will be necessary. You will feel burning sensation for some time after the procedure, so it will be necessary to put ice on that area.

The double chin injections Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will show its effect after some time, while the fat tissue dissolves and the metabolism will take care of that dissolved fat. That can take around 12 weeks, and usually, the 2 sessions are necessary for achieving the results. The effects of this treatment will be maximum after six months, and they are usually long-lasting.

Final word

Cosmetics procedures are now allowing to choose the procedures that you need from the diverse offer. These two procedures will change the parts of your body by one treatment, that are usually very hard to change.