Dr.Paolo Boffetta – Where Is Cancer Survivor-ship Heading With Changes in Lifestyle Factors


In recent decades, there have been advancements in the early identification of cancer and its curative therapies. The result of this advancement is the number of cancer survivors is increasing every year. There has been a vast improvement in the rates of cancer survivor-ship in the last 20 years. Research and surveys have been carried out in this regard, and the news is indeed positive and bright when it comes to controlling the dreaded impact of cancer.

Dr.Paolo Boffetta – what does a specialist in cancer research say?

Dr.Paolo Boffetta is a specialist in the field of cancer epidemiology in the USA.  He is currently the Director of the Institute for Translational Epidemiology and Associate Director for Population Sciences of The Tisch Cancer Institute. He is the Bluhdorn Professor of International Community Medicine and also the Adjunct Professor at the Department of Epidemiology, Department of Medicine, and Vanderbilt University at Nashville in Tennessee and the Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health at Boston in Massachusetts

He joined Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2010 and, in the past, been associated with the American Cancer Society in New York, the German Cancer Research Center at Heidelberg in Germany, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer at Lyon in France. He also holds several other prestigious posts across the world in his name. His hometown is in Turin, Italy, and he currently resides in New York.

Optimal care for cancer patients with tailor-made clinical recommendations

Over the years, research in cancer has given people valuable insights into its long-term impact on health. With this information, doctors and medical professionals can devise custom treatments to maximize care for patients. They can provide better recommendations for lifestyle factors like smoking, physical activity, diet, and body weight that have been linked to several health problems like metabolic, cardiovascular, and more.

Evidence of lifestyle choices inducing cancer

Over the years of extensive research, it has been discovered that there is increasing proof that lifestyle factors have been associated with the risks of getting cancer as well as their outcomes. This association has been studied extensively, especially in general cancers like colon, breast, prostate, lung, etc. Observational studies have been widely carried out, and now they are being evaluated by medical specialists in interventional studies.

In the opinion of Dr. Paolo Boffetta cancer survivors are incredibly motivated to boost their overall health after a cancer diagnosis. They are ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle from providers of oncology. Their recommendations can offer them a potent tool to embrace changes in health and lifestyle choices. Clinical recommendations customized to the cancer survivor have helped them prolong their lifespans successfully.

When it comes to cancer research and treatment, there is good news in the field as most of them can be controlled with simple changes when it comes to diet, exercise, and the regular check-up with a good oncologist in the area. Getting medical aid on time is the key here.