Here are the Main Butt Augmentation Processes Available for You.


This article enlists the types of treatments you can choose for augmenting your buttocks.

Butt injections

This non-surgical process refers to usage of substances like PMMA, silicone or hydrogel. These substances denote quick fix to the problems.


  1. Clinique anti aging butt injections are an attractive option as they are cheap.

Brazilian butt lift

If you are seeking ways to improve the shape of your butt, Brazilian butt lift is another way to do it. This process refers to fat grafting or fat transfer in order to add volume and a nice shape to your buttocks. The process entails liposuction to remove extra fat from areas like thighs or abdomen and inject purified fat with the series of microinjections into the hips and buttocks.


  1. Natural results

As this process uses patient’s own fat, the results you get are very natural.

  1. Minimal or no risk of infection

There is a very little risk of infection involved via fat grafting because here, patient’s own fat is used and tiny incisions close and heat very fast.

  1. No risks related to allergic reactions

Because patient’s own fat is used for the procedure, there is zero risk for toxicity or allergic reactions as no kind of foreign substances in injected into the body.

  1. Slight discomfort and rapid recovery

This process may ask for a week or two time for rest and recovery, but it is much faster with a butt lift surgery rather than going for alternative procedures. Apart from this, liposuction may also cause a slight discomfort, the fat injections are well tolerated and local anaesthesia is injected deeply in the tissues that help in guaranteeing the patient’s comfort.

Butt implants

Another famous process is the butt implants where small incisions are hidden in a crease near the buttocks. Via these insertion areas, implants are installed on the top of the gluteus muscles where they tend to volumize and enhance the body curves.


  1. Everlasting results

Butt implants don’t get sucked away by the body, so the results are very inevitable and everlasting.

  1. Very rare or zero chances of rupturing

Gone are the days when implants were not well constructed. Our butt implants are made from very durable silicone gel.

  1. Anybody is qualified for these implants

People of all shapes and sizes are eligible for the butt implants as excess fat is not needed for this process.