How can hypertension be prevented?


Prevention is always better than cure. If you ever met a patient or experiencing hypertension yourself, you will know how the treatment of hypertension is not a simple one. The moment you are diagnosed with hypertension, your whole life will change. Not only you have to comply with the treatment regime, but you also have a frequent medical check-up to attend plus more things to worry about such as the side effects of treatment and also possible complications that can happen.

Most of the chronic diseases can be easily prevented. Problems like diabetes and high cholesterol even they have genetic contributing factors, by implementing a healthy lifestyle both can be avoided. So does hypertension. Lifestyle modification is a must nowadays. If we don’t want to get them.

What happened to us? Why our generations are more prone to get hypertension compared to our ancestors? Well, just look at ourselves. Look back on how we live our lives. What we do when we woke up? What do we eat for breakfast? How do we earn money? What do we do at the weekend? There, you got the answer. While our grandad and grandma used to wake up before the sun does, work their muscles on the farm, walking, and cycling might be the only transport that’s available and eat whatever they grow on their backyard, we nowadays start our day with a cup of caffeine, drive to work, then sit all day to earn money. We also eat more process food than real food. Sometimes we don’t even bother what was in our food as long as it tastes good on our palate. In other words, our lifestyle is sedentary. How can we not get sick like this?

Now, let’s talk about how can we make a difference. The world has changed, so does the people. How can we live a better life, in the world nowadays? What to do to avoid hypertension? Since we know it has something to do with the way we live. We have to make some changes to our lifestyle or the way to do things in our daily life.

First, let’s change the way we eat. Choosing healthy meals and snacking options will definitely do you good. Choose foods that are low in salt content, low in fat and high in fibre. Eat moderately, add more fruits and vegetables to your plate, add less seasoning sauce and reduce oil and butter intake.

Next, move your body! Inactivity makes your body store fat rather than burning them as energy. An increase in cholesterol has shown to increase the risk of hypertension as they cause narrowing of blood vessels. So start exercising now. Move, walk, run, cycle. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time or money to get healthy, sometimes it actually can save you a few penny. For short distances, try to walk or cycle instead of driving your car. By doing this, you also help the environment. By being active, you can also maintain your weight at a healthy level. Another prevention!

Finally, no smoking and drinking.

These two are human killers. If you are smoking, you are technically at risk of all chronic diseases that exist in this world. Not only hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, and even cancer. So please, avoid these two.