How Countries Are Taking Measures to Relax Restrictions for Covid-19


The spread of covid-19 was so rapid that countries had to implement severe health measures and asked public to stay home in order to flatten the curve. Though these steps helped in reducing the spread considerably, it has led to downfall of countries’ economy. Now some countries have planned to reopen their economies.

Though it is not possible to expect an everyday life in near future, relaxing measures are followed to reopen businesses, stores, schools and places of worship. However, these measures are imposed on lower capacity and take into consideration the preferences of individuals to work from home if they are vulnerable to the disease.

In most cases, physical distancing may not be possible. In that case, most countries are either advising their people to wear masks. In case, you need large quantity protective masks, you can place your order with Custom Earth Promos, which is a green company. You can get any kind of mask and also you get the choice of customizing your order with any combination.

Countries that are reopening earlier are facing the virus coming back again prominently. However, alternative relaxation and reinstatement of mass gathering, school closure etc., help countries to learn and track the pattern of this new strain of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Wuhan, where the first case of covid-19 was found has successfully discharged all their coronavirus patients on April 27. Across China they have confidently re-opened some schools and businesses.

How Germany Reopens?

Germany reopened its schools and businesses in most of its states, with the requirement to its people, to maintain social distancing and wear face mask. Big public events like festivals are banned though.

But there was a spike in coronavirus cases in just few days after the country relaxed lockdown. The reproduction number depends on the immunity and severity of the disease.

Germany is maintaining its production rate below 1 and they are monitoring the rate closely for the coming weeks. However, it is difficult to assess whether the rate will decrease or increase.

Germany has efficiently responded to the outbreak with mass testing and effective lockdown restrictions. It is keeping its death troll in lower numbers when compared to other European countries.

If there is considerable increase in cases the country will be reimposing emergency breaks.

How France And Other Asian Countries Eased Restrictions?

France divide the country into green and red zones with different rules for different zones. After unwinding the lockdown progressively, there was an increase in the number cases in some areas where the population is dense. France is approaching the release of lockdown in detailed and bureaucratic manner.

Some Asian countries that are relaxing their restrictions are facing mixed consequences. And they are reinstating the restrictions where there is an increase in cases.

Many states in the United States are reopening their churches, businesses and other organizations safely with some considerations like, restaurants to use disposable plates.  But problems in the supply testing kits and testing delays caused exponential increase in infected cases.

Countries started feeling that the cure may hurt than the disease itself. But health officials and World Health Organization warn that easing public health measures too quickly may result in resurgence of cases which may lead to second economic decline. If a country is planning to reopen, it should be able to trace and test every infection.