Impressive Health Benefits of Senna and Schisandra extract


Herbs are widely available in different variants. Senna and Schisandra are two such herbs that offer numerous benefits to our health. These are natural ingredients and so may offer benefits in more than one way.

  • These herbs prove helpful in treating skin and hair related conditions as well.
  • If you are suffering from intestinal worms issues, then you can use these herbs are magical potions.
  • They regulate bad breathe and cure respiratory issues.
  • For your overall health, these herbs are very beneficial.

Helps cure skin infections

Skin infections are very much common on account of pollution. Herbs are always considered as best remedy against these issues. You can consume Schisandra extract and Senna leaf in more than one way.

Conditions like skin inflammation and acne can easily be treated for long term using these herbs. The best part is that these herbs have also been recommended by top-rated dermatologists. You can look around for extracts or even consume it directly as hot tea.

These herbs are effective in fighting bad bacteria and other microbes that easily get accumulated on the skin pores.

Health hair

Hair loss and weak hair follicles have always been considered a major issue faced by many around the globe. The condition may be hereditary or accumulated. You may find herbal extracts prepared using Senna and Schisandra that claim to reduce hair loss.

These herbs can be directly applied to the scalp as it is a natural product. It helps in promoting the natural health of damaged follicles. Regular use will also prove beneficial in treating weak and damaged hair strands.

You can look around for essential oils and creams that can be directly applied to the scalp region. These are made up of herbal ingredients that are pure and effective.

Hair conditioner

For ages, Schisandra and Senna have been rated as the best hair conditioner. The most important benefit here is that these herbs are also helpful in eliminating dandruff issues from your scalp. If you are cured of dandruff, then it is obvious that you may not have to worry about hair loss either.

As the ingredients are all-natural so they also help in maintaining the natural texture of your hair. This keeps your hair strands well-conditioned for many days after use.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Senna leaf extract is also beneficial in burning down your excess body fat. This helps promote weight loss instantly. As the product is organic, so you don’t have to worry about side effects.