Improve Appearance with Experts from Top Chin Augmentation Chicago Clinics


Chin Augmentation or Genioplasty refers to a procedure that cosmetic surgeons perform to refine the contours of a person’s chin. It involves inserting a prosthetic implant in the region to the existing chin bone to enhance its size. It is done to ensure the shape of the person’s chin is proportionate to the nose. This helps to resort to the youthful aesthetic features of the face, especially in the jawline area. Cosmetic surgeons generally carry out this procedure at the time of performing other operations like a neck or facelift surgery. Chin augmentation is a permanent solution for people who have a weak, squared, or double chin problem.

Choose proper top chin augmentation Chicago Clinics

People in Chicago and its adjacent areas might want to undergo chin augmentation surgery to improve their appearance. They need good cosmetic surgeons for the procedure. These medical specialists will conduct a preliminary physical examination, review previous medical histories of the patient, and suggest the correct prosthetic implants. Then they will instruct them to prepare for the procedure in the following ways: 

    • They should get adequate rest, eat a healthy diet and consume plenty of water,
    • They have to abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol, and


  • They might have to discontinue taking certain medicines on the directions of their cosmetic surgeons.



Cosmetic surgeons from top chin augmentation Chicago clinics with adequate skills, knowledge, and experience should conduct this procedure.It involves the following steps:

    • The surgeons will tell you what the chin augmentation procedure involves and its inherent risks,
    • During the operation, the surgeons administer local or general anesthesia to sedate you
    • They make a series of incisions to create space for implant either side of the lower region of the chin,
    • The cosmetic surgeons then carefully insert the prosthetic implant in the part of the chin bone, and 


  • Finally, the surgeons close these incisions with the aid of sutures and bandage the chin. 



The recovery period of the chin augmentation procedure is shorter than most cosmetic operations. However, you still need to:

    • Take seven days rest after the surgery before returning to work and normal activities,
    • Regularly apply a cold compress on the chin to ease the swelling and take prescribed pain medications,
    • Consume a liquid diet for two days after the operation
    • You should sleep on your back for two weeks after the surgery, so your face faces upwards
    • Refrain from doing any strenuous activity for at least four weeks,


  • After three months, you should visit your doctor after the swelling subsides


Top chin augmentation Chicago clinics can help people resort to the aesthetic features of their faces over time. The procedure involves inserting a prosthetic implant just below the chin bone to improve appearance. Certain precautions like avoiding smoking and drinking should be taken before the surgery. Rest is needed during the recovery period. You should visit your doctor as instructed. It generally takes some weeks before you can go back to work. Till then, you need to allow the area to heal completely for getting natural-looking results.