Is eye bag surgery expensive?


Blepharoplasty is the term used to describe the process or the procedure used to correct drooping eyelids. The surgery helps removal and improving the eye bags

This procedure is thought to be a merely cosmetic process. Therefore, since it’s not like other medical conditions, the person undergoing blepharoplasty has to pay in cash. It is one of the most expensive cosmetic surgeries and may cost thousands of dollars.

Why is the Procedure Done?

The excess fat and skin that is under the eyes may cause the eyelid to flop, and eye bag may form under the eyes. It can affect your appearance; thus, this procedure is performed, and your youthful look may reappear.

These eye bags most often may affect your vision; thus, blepharoplasty is, therefore, an essential procedure for such a case. It is recommended that for you to undergo this process, you should be in good health, and also you have gone thorough check-up with the doctor before the surgery.

What this Surgery Involves

The doctor removes the excess skin and the fatty tissue under your eyes, and it may take around two hours. The recovery period takes a few days or weeks, depending on the individual recovery process. It is also advisable to follow the doctor’s prescription so as you can get the best results.

As all surgeries are a matter of risking, sometimes several things may happen during the operation, there are alternative methods that you can use. Such are non-surgical methods like applying creams that may improve your eyes. You can check with your doctor if other ways can help to improve your appearance and vision. Blepharoplasty should be the last option, and you have to fulfil some conditions before it’s performed.

It is a cosmetic procedure, or treatment isn’t just a one-day decision. You have to follow the right process, and it should be made as simple as possible.

The Benefits of Eyelid Procedure

It helps you look younger than your usual age, and most often, you defy that old age. It should be performed by a team of experts and experienced doctors. There are several clinics all over, and you can consider choosing having surgery in Poland. The entire clinics are proven to be safe and effective; therefore, you shouldn’t worry at all, and all your expectations are met.

The Services include the use of

Ø Anti-aging injectable

Ø Use of laser

Ø Skin rejuvenation

Ø Hair reduction

Ø Facelifts

Ø Platelet therapy chemical peeling

Ø Skin pigmentation

Ø Acne treatment among others

Costs for Eye Bag Surgery

An oculoplastic surgeon or Ophthalmologist purely do this surgery. Although plastic surgeons ENT specialists, maxillofacial surgeons can as well perform this procedure.

The average cost for blepharoplasty (removal of eye bags) is about €3000. It doesn’t include hospital fees, examinations, medical tests, anaesthesia prescriptions, and other necessary expenses. So, in general, it can range from €3000-€5000 depending on the doctor, the hospital involved, among other things.

You can have a conversation with your doctor to come up with some relative cost that you will pay for the blepharoplasty.