Make outdoor exercise a part of your daily routine


Exercise has proved to be beneficial for many mental and physical illness. A simple change in the location of exercise has a huge impact. Switch to outdoor workout from indoor exercise to revel in its benefits. Outdoor exercise is also known by the name “green exercise,” which includes two important components that improve your health. One is moving your body and the other being going outdoors. You can do a workout in the gym, but that becomes monotonous but, working out in the park gives you various options for a workout. The result that an outdoor workout provides is exceptional. You get to save your money, time, and enhance your mood without the trouble of going to the gym.

Reasons to opt for an outdoor workout

  • Variation in a workout: Workout at the gym becomes monotonous after some time as you have to do the same activities daily. This removes the thrill and excitement and renders it boring. Outdoor workout can act as the much-needed break from the monotonous exercise. You can do bodyweight exercises, multi-joint exercises, and many others that give you variation and builds excitement.
  • Group exercise: Doing any work alone for a long period of time makes the work boring but, if you to the same activity in a group it becomes interesting. The same goes for exercise, workout at outdoor sites such as gardens, parks, and beaches are exciting and thrilling. It also allows you to mingle with people of different community and make new friends.
  • Better mood: Outdoor exercise has a great impact on a person’s mood. Exercising in an open area with nature as your acquaintance is fun. Nature has the ability to uplift your mood. It soothes and relaxes your mind. Outdoor fitness plays a major role in developing the character of a person. It makes you happy, well-behaved, and improves your interacting skills.

Health benefits of exercising in an open area

  • Reduces stress and depression: Outdoor exercise is one of the most important factors that boost energy and has many mental and physical health benefits. It has been reported that moving in an open area is the best way to reduce stress and depression. Moving in an outdoor area brings you in contact with the sunlight that enhances the production of vitamin D, which is useful for enhancing a person’s mood.
  • High self-esteem: Studies show that staying in the greenery has a huge impact on a person’s self-esteem. Low-intensity exercises and moderate intensity exercise have a major effect when compared to high-intensity exercises. Activities that are found to increase self-esteem are walking, riding, fishing, etc. A regular dose of outdoor activity will always keep you ready to face the world.
  • Better heart health: Exercise can increase cardiovascular health that generates greater endurance power to work all day. It reduces the cholesterol and blood pressure that can have severe effects on your heart. To have a healthy heart, it is necessary that you do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise for 5 days a week.

Types of outdoor exercises

  • Explosive pull-up: You can find a branch of a tree or a horizontal pole to do an explosive pull-up. Jump to reach the branch or the pole and thrust yourself up. Try lifting your head with your arms above the branch or the pole. Then ease yourself back to your prior position.
  • Push-up: You can do a push-up on the ground of the park or a garden. You can even use a park bench for doing push-ups. You can do two types of a push-up with the help of a park bench. One by keeping your arms on the bench and feet on the ground and the other where you keep your feet on the bench and arms on the ground.
  • Trail running: Trail running makes your body work harder because of the uneven terrain. Trail running needs complete attention of the runner as they have to incline to the changes and achieve balance. It uses more your energy as both your anaerobic and aerobic systems are used while running.
  • Sailing: Sailing is a fun exercise that includes a total-body workout. It is useful to build the upper body muscles, improves coordination, and brings flexibility in your body.