Proextender Success Story


Debate is rife about the relation between a penis size and quality of sex. While different people have different opinions, all backed with reasons, the truth remains that a small sized penis is a source of ridicule and untold mental anguish to men. Ability to perform in bed is highly dependent on the ability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection. However men with larger penis research shows have more confidence when it comes to sex and stand a better chance of reaping maximum pleasure during love making sessions.

Proextender is a device that will help men almost effortlessly enlarge their sex organ. It comes in a package complete with an instructional DVD and is already a darling of many with over 50,000 users responding praising the tremendous success of the device. Some acquired the device aiming for longer, stronger penis whilst others wanted large and muscular organs. All have achieved their targets and have come out in praise of the savior device. In hundreds of testimonials complete with photo evidence, users have reported immense success of this device.

It is a medically endorsed penile exercise program that is used along with the proextender that enhances quicker gains. The exercises, which are painless, are clearly demonstrated in the instructional DVD and results are almost instant. They are meant to increase blood flow giving your penis a stronger and harder erection hence producing an amazing amount of heat during penetration, giving you and your partner maximum pleasure during sex.


Troy first thought the whole idea was laughable and a big hoax after trying various other techniques including pumps to achieve a larger and stronger penis with little success. Pumps, he says caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. Before erection, he says his penis measured 2 inches, 4 inches when erect and had 4 ½ girth. After using proextender for a period of four months he measured again and this time had 3 inches when flaccid, 5 ½ when erect and 5 ½ girth. That was a tremendous increase noting that he was using the device intermittently due to work demands. He now says he has more confidence and virility with his new endowment. His sex life has undergone a complete transformation in just four months!

Another anonymous user is in praise of the device. “I’ve increased some inches longer and gotten bigger in girth” He says. “I no longer have problems of weak bladder I’d had since way before with the kegel exercises described”. “I’m now enjoying life, I’m more confident and everything is on track thanks to proextender”.


Going by positive remarks from users, no doubt this device has recorded massive success among its users. This had led to it being endorsed by the largest media groups in the world including Channel 4 in the UK, GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) Magazine of US and BBC. This is a device I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any man who wants a longer, larger and stronger penis.