Purity from the Hydrogen Water?


Water is essential for any living organism. 65 to 75% of our body is made up of it. Water is our first food and should therefore mobilize our interest in both our food and our health. Purified and energized water is cleansed water which regains its characteristics of “living” water, crystalline and easily assimilated. This helps prevent many pathologies due to chronic dehydration or poor water quality.

Why should we purify and energize water in order to find all its qualities?

Water is omnipresent and multifunctional in our body. It is well known to drink to fuel our metabolism, but less often mentioned the importance of the quality of it. 

Water packaged in plastic bottles, in addition to representing an unfavorable environmental impact, loses its vitality in a few days. Tap water, drinkable, is of insufficient quality: polluted by harmful components such as chlorine, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

In the long run, tap water degrades our metabolism. It is therefore necessary to filter this water to make it healthy and alive thanks to different techniques. Our approach is inspired by the behavior of water in nature.

To filter the water in a gentle way in order to eliminate most of the pollutants, revitalize it thanks to the movement of the vortex, increase its energy quality, improve its biocompatibility and eliminate the residual information left by the pollutants. This purified and depolluted water allows better hydration beneficial to health.

Filter tap water to benefit from its benefits

There are three common techniques for water filtration: activated carbon filtration, ceramic filtration, and reverse osmosis. After several years of studies, it has chosen to prefer filtration by micro-porous Aragon membrane and by activated carbon. A non-invasive filtration process that not only neutralizes most of the pollutants such as chlorine, pesticides, suppress bad odors, but also gives it back its biocompatibility, i.e. facilitating its absorption by our body.

The vortex, a movement at the service of water and life

In Nature, water presents a spontaneous and natural spiral dynamic. It is always in motion, following sinuous paths where curves, meanders, undulations and whirlpools follow one another. It is the birthplace of the vortex. The vortex is that centripetal vortex movement that Nature uses to concentrate energy, reorganize matter, cleanse and regenerate water and air. The vortex also reduces residual chlorine and increases vibratory quality.

Better understand the vortex movement

Hydrogenated water, spectacular antioxidant properties

Drinking water enriched with molecular hydrogen effectively neutralizes free radicals, the main cause of aging.

As you make a visit to https://www.coralpurenatural.sg/hydrogen-alkaline-water-health, you will find a great deal of information regarding alkaline hydrogen water and its benefits. With its unique antioxidant qualities and a high rate of diffusion into tissues and cellular barriers, hydrogen exhibits several characteristics that make it valuable for clinical use and for health prevention. More than 600 studies on molecular hydrogen throughout the world attest to its exceptional qualities. This is why the popularity of this water is at its highest ebb now.