Tired of Mommy Duties? Follow These Tips to Stay Sane


Whether you are a new mom or have been doing it for several years, you would know there is no free time for you to take a breath and relax. No matter your children are toddlers or teenagers, there is no end to mommy duties. 

This is common for parents around the world. But experts recommend taking care of your mental and physical health will ultimately enable you to focus better on your children. Take care of yourself by having multivitamins and supplements from online pharmacies. Taking care of your body from within is equally important. So consider taking time out for yourself once in a while and indulge in self-care. Here we have compiled a list of suggestions for some me-time. 

  1.     Multitask your me-time

Take some time out to get outside and have a walk of 20-30 minutes. Sneak away into your backyard and read a book or you can download apps that involve listening to books. You can turn on the audiotapes of books while cooking. 

  1.     Enjoy a relaxing shower

When you put your kids to sleep, right on jump into the shower and enjoy a lengthy body cleaning shower which involves cleansing, scrubbing and massaging your body. You can light a soothing fragrant candle while taking a bath. You will feel much better afterwards. 

  1.     Arrange an at-home facial

There are many facial kits in the market which you can use at home for a professional result. If you are unable to leave the house, buy a facial kit and do your own facial. There are plenty of soothing masks that relax your mind and gives a soothing effect to the skin. It hardly takes 20 minutes and you will feel rejuvenated afterwards.

  1.     Walk the dog

Volunteer right away if your dog needs to go out. If there is an option to go on a hike, take your dog with you. You will be amazed at how much quality time and bonding you can do with your pets and they need it.  

  1.     Move your whole body

Exercise is extremely important for everybody. It makes the mind and body fresh. There are many exercises and workouts online for mommies and even yoga poses for moms that engage your mind and body to relax. Look for options online and start your fitness journey. Even 20 minutes of physical activity daily will help you relax and focus better. 

  1.     Focus within yourself

Visualization meditations help to relax the mind by getting out of the scene without leaving your home. It works by picturing yourself in your favourite place i.e. in the natural space, on the beach, in the forest etc. Imagine yourself in that space and imagine every detail such as colours, smells, sensations. This is a great way to break the monotony of the daily hectic routine and you will feel better in no time.