Top Physical Symptoms of Anxiety to Look Out For


If anxiety is allowed to persist in your mental frame for a long time without treatment, it will continue to grow and harm your physical health as well. The people with anxiety are going through a lot of stress and anticipate threats that may not even exist, and it causes a bodily reaction, including racing heart, sweat, tensed muscles, and so on. Here are the few physical symptoms of anxiety and stress disorders that you must take seriously and consider going for anxiety counseling

Muscle Tension

Tension in the back and pain during an anxiety attack are normal, and it fades after the anxiety attack passes. It can also lead to muscle tension in other parts of the body, including in back, shoulders, thighs, legs, and hands. Headaches are also caused during an anxiety attack that lasts for a long time.

Digestive Issues

When you are suffering from anxiety or any other mental disorder anxiety therapist from In Focus can help., you will start to face digestive issues, and your bowel movements would get imbalanced as well. It is one of the most common physical symptoms that the therapists look for in people complaining about anxiety and other mental health disorder.


If you are having brain fog or dizziness for no reason at all, and even when you are well-rested, you might have anxiety issues. The mental health is important to control your body properly, and when your mental health is out of place, you will face such issues without any specific physical reasons. 


People with anxiety are always worrying too much and overthinking, and it would lead to insomnia. Make sure that you consult with a therapist as soon as possible if you are unable to sleep properly and negative thoughts cloud your brain when you try to.

These are the few physical symptoms of an anxiety attack and disorder that should be noted carefully, and one must ensure that professional help is sought at the earliest.