What Is Lactoperoxidase Supplement And What Are Its Health Benefits?


Lactoperoxidase is a much-needed part of the natural immune system. But to make the immune system stronger and more active, there is always a specific need to provide the body with some extra. Supplement of lactoperoxidase is the exact thing that is required to bring the immune system to a balance. lactoperoxidase supplement system helps in various clinical and therapeutic applications.

The main reason why supplements are preferred is that it helps in killing various bacterias from the mucosal lining (secretion layer of endodermis), thus helping in strengthening the immune system. Other than that, it is also effective in killing and controlling bacterial growth in the food, milk products, and milk and also in many health care products.

What is lactoperoxidase?

This is an enzyme that is found in humans and is secreted from various mucosal glands, salivary glands, and mammary glands. The family of the lactoperoxidase is heme peroxidase and is one of the major agents to avoid infection in humans. It coded by a gene called an LPO gene. Overall this enzyme is an antibacterial enzyme that helps in stopping bacteria from causing any infection.

Lactoperoxidase is responsible for catalyzing the oxidation of various organic and inorganic substrates like bromide, thiocyanate, and iodide. These substrates, when get oxidized, tend to give products of the reaction. These products are known for antibacterial or bactericidal functions. This entire system of lactoperoxidase, along with oxidative products, substrates, and hydrogen peroxide, is called a lactoperoxidase system.

Lactoperoxidase for oral care

One of the major health and medical application of lactoperoxidase is in oral care and in keeping the mouth flora healthy. It is seen that mouthwashes and toothpaste can have lactoperoxidase in it, which helps in maintaining good flora and in removing bacterial colonies. The lactoperoxidase is transferred from oral care products to the pellicles, which helps in activating the lactoperoxidase system and allows it to work on the bacteria. Also, lactoperoxidase supplements can be useful in treating glossodynia (burning mouth disease). Also, along with lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase helps in treating and combating halitosis and can also effectively improve the effects of xerostomia. Also, in cases of oral cancer, when the salivation gets restricted and lowered after irradiation. In such cases, lactoperoxidase can help in balancing the oral flora and also help in better secretion of saliva.

Helps to strengthen the innate immune system

The defense mechanism of the body gets affected the most by the bacterial effect on the body and in almost every part of the body. if the bacterial growth can be controlled, then half the battles are already won. Lactoperoxidase helps in the same, as it has a significant antibacterial effect and thus makes the innate immune response more potent and effective. Thiocyanate is one of the major problems when it comes to airway infection, and lactoperoxidase helps in breaking the thiocyanate, which thus helps in reducing any risk. Overall, lactoperoxidase supplement like Immunoglobulin G will not only help in making oral care better but will also help in strengthening the front line of the immunity to fight bacterial growth.