What Kinds of Hair Loss Results Can Nizoral AD Offer?


The Nizoral AD anti-dandruff shampoo has been created by Johnson & Johnson and helps cure dandruff issues and the hair loss problems resulting due to the same. It has a number of ingredients that are very impactful for the treatment of dandruff, such as ketoconazole 1%, sodium laureth sulfate and coconut fatty acid. This is a powerful active anti-fungal ingredient that is very useful in fighting dandruff resulting from scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

What are the Results to Expect?

  • Its continuous use can help completely wipe out all types of fungal infections of the scalp.
  • Other than curing fungus, it can cause the symptoms of dandruff to get weakened and fade away eventually. These symptoms include itching, scaling and flaking.
  • It can prevent and reverse scarring of the scalp skin, which can prohibit the growth of healthy hair.
  • Too much scratching can also lead to the bleeding of the scalp, which is painful and can also result in possible infections. The use of Nizoral AD shampoo can prevent this issue.

What Type of Hair Does It Work For?

It is important to note that hair of any type can be affected by dandruff and the flaking and itching that are related to it. It is necessary to have a shampoo that is equally impactful on all types of hair. It is safe to use this shampoo on any type of hair.

Although the shampoo makes use a powerful and potent formula, it is soft enough for hair that is gray, chemically-processed and color-treated. It does not remove any color from hair, and never takes away any of the processing that has an impact on the overall hair style. It never makes gray hair look dry or stringy and is also safe on all kinds of hair of people from various ethnicities.